Marketing Strategy: Digital Advertising via LinkedIn, Facebook, Pandora and Retargeting Coupled with Traditional Advertising

Too many smart businesses throw money away because they don't know where to invest their advertising dollars. We CAN help you.

Too many smart businesses throw money away because they don’t know where to invest their advertising dollars. We CAN help you.

A lot of media buyers are good at helping clients buy one type of advertising. Most buyers are best at either traditional or digital (non-traditional) advertising. Many seasoned buyers are well acquainted with traditional advertising like television, radio, print, billboards, etc. Many newer media buyers (having gone into media buying with the past 5-10 years) are good at digital media buying.
At Thrive, we pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding both sides. To stay competitive in business you can no longer rely on one form of advertising. You can’t just throw marketing dollars at a TV campaign and expect it to build your business on it’s own. Similarly you can’t rely on social media to market your business without other forms of advertising either. Advertising is all about finding the right mix of media to effectively tell your targeted demographic about your company. My favorite quote about advertising is, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”-Steuart Henderson Britt Simply put you cannot expect to grow your company without letting people know about what you offer and why you are the best company to offer your service/product to them.
Lately, we’ve been spending a great deal of our time creating ad campaigns for a number of our clients that integrate traditional media with new media. We’ve seen wild success with retargeting (some people know it as remarketing) campaigns. We’ve seen great return on investments on LinkedIn, Facebook and Pandora. Each of these non-traditional ad buys were supported with traditional media to spread our clients’ advertising message to a broader audience while simultaneously reaching a much more targeted audience online and via mobile devices. Some of our recent marketing plans have included sponsoring online influencers to write about our clients’ products and services. Combining word of mouth marketing with traditional advertising, and adding fuel to fire through online advertising has created some of the most successful advertising results we’ve ever seen!
As an entrepreneur it is exciting to me to watch our clients see great success with their advertising campaigns. There really isn’t a greater joy professionally for me to create a plan that works for another entrepreneur or company leader. It makes my job awesome and fuels my passion for helping businesses grow and become more successful through the power of advertising. Thank you to our clients for inspiring me and working alongside my team to create winning marketing plans!