Out of the Box Marketing Ideas

I’ve recently been talking with clients about how to create out of the box marketing ideas. At Thrive, we do a lot of traditional media buying and a ton of digital media buying but the most creative media buys and advertising plans often require a great deal of innovation. In today’s marketplace companies can’t afford to waste their advertising dollars. We’ve been working with many businesses to create a media plan that capitalizes on good creative, optimal media placement and the right media mix. An small example is an ad we just placed for a credit union. We suggested placing their ads in the bridal publications in Seattle such as Seattle Bride Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom. We think there is a great opportunity to reach a demographic of young adults who are about to embark on domestic life. In a traditional world it seems that most people get a career established, settle down, get hitched, then start dreaming about home ownership (or trading up their downtown condos for a home in the suburbs). We thought this would be a great place to reach that group of people. If they are in their late 20s or 30s we hope to establish long term relationships with new clients for our client that could last a lifetime. What do you think? What have you done to help your business draw in new customers?