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Savvy marketers need to know how to advertise in Podcasts

With the latest release of Edison’s Share of Ear study comes the latest on how listening continues to shift to more digital audio listening across satellite, streaming audio, and podcasting. Here are some fun facts that will get you interested in how to advertise in Podcasts:

  • Americans spend an average of 4 hours/day with audio – 4 hours 14 minutes, to be exact!
  • That’s nearly a quarter of our waking hours listening to audio content.
 advertise in Podcasts
  • Average daily listening to audio is up 20 minutes at +9% YoY. 
  • Streaming audio, SiriusXM, and Podcasts are starting to command a much larger share of the daily audio listening pie.
  • Digital Audio has grown +31% since 2014, mostly at the expense of AM/FM.
  • Digital Audio Listeners spend an additional 1 hour 34 minutes with audio than non-digital listeners – That’s 46% more time! 
  • The majority of audio listening continues to happen at home (59%), followed by in the car/truck (24%), and at work (13%).
  • Music is still the most listened to daily content at 75%, but podcast listening is driving consumption of non-music content, including Personalities/Talk, News & Info, and Sports
  • Talk-based content has grown 4% since 2019


And it shows Pandora + SoundCloud continues to be larger than any broadcast radio format at the local level, plus their addressable market reach is 2.3x Spotify and 3.1x iHeart!


Did you know, Howard Stern listeners …

  • Spend the most time in their vehicles weekly – 4 hours/day on average
  • Nearly 3/4 say they trust ads on the show.
  • Nearly HALF say they are more likely to use or purchase products/services they heard on the show.

Source:  Nielsen Custom Qualitative Study for SiriusXM, 2022, Base: Howard Stern Listeners


How to advertise in your favorite Podcast or get your commercials served in podcasts with enough Reach and Frequency.

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