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"At Thrive, we specialize in Media Buying because we believe advertising is done best with an impartial advisor. To that end, we stay in our lane and perfect it."


President / Owner / Media Director

Robin Rucinsky

Robin brings insider knowledge and advocacy directly from the trenches of the advertising industry. Harnessing years of digital and traditional media experience at one of the U.S. largest media companies, a Bachelor's Degree in Media Communications from the University of Washington, and postgraduate studies through Cornell University's acclaimed Digital Marketing Program, Robin is a trusted partner and advocate for Thrive's clients.

Respected as a top-notch paid media expert, Robin founded Thrive to establish an advertising service niche independent of media ownership. Harnessing her 18+ year marketing career, this passionate entrepreneur has led this company for over a dozen years, is a proud woman-owned business owner, and millennial mom of four.

Sr. Project Manager / Business Development Director

Danielle Gardner

With over 15 years of versatile marketing experience rooted in an understanding of the creative agency setting, Danielle brings a wide-angle marketing lens to Thrive’s advertising niche. Danielle’s first-hand knowledge drives an organizational approach to understand clients’ pressure points and translates into many of behind the scene systems that are in place at Thrive.

A professional background built upon developing comprehensive marketing strategies, brand, and execution plans, her industry street cred ranges from clients such as multi-million dollar high-rise developments, luxury hospitality destinations, and well-respected non-profits. A Gonzaga alum, Danielle will always stand by her March Madness bracket.