So, how does this work?

A person who strategically plans advertising investments, purchases airtime and ad space for clients (also know as a media buy), and also manages the media buy(s) after they are placed to ensure proper delivery, tracking and performance of what was negotiated.
  • Identify where to place your ads

    Which media aligns best with your demographic? What type of advertising will produce the greatest ROI? With Thrive on your team, we’ll provide solutions even before these questions arise.

  • Leverage collective ad spend

    We have relationship with medias nationwide. Let us negotiate the most efficient and effective advertising buy possible for you. We get better rates, more added value and fantastic results.

  • Negotiate advertising investments

    Buying advertising every single day keeps our negotiation skills razor sharp. Knowing the competitive media landscape inside and out allows us to scrutinize every proposal with greater clarity.

  • Traffic ads and monitor effectiveness

    CTR, CPM, CPC, Nielsen Ratings, Arbitron, these are just a few ways to monitor ad campaigns. But do rating points = revenue? We work with our clients to ensure they are seeing tangible results. Ratings points don’t buy products and services, people do.

  • Hold media companies accountable

    Impressions, rating points, guaranteed clicks, posts, and engagement. We are on it so you don’t have to be.

  • Reconcile invoices and provide single point billing

    Placing multiple media buys? How nice would it be to get one single advertising invoice each month?! Hands down, this may be what our clients love most about Thrive. Take their word for it – they say it is “amazing – and saves valuable hours every month” letting the experts decipher and cross examine individual spends with each media – enabling them to focus their energy back on the business!