Identifying Entrepreneurial Goals

Entrepreneur Tip: Identify what your entrepreneurial goals are and stay focused on them. Believe in yourself. You may want to build the next Microsoft or simply want to earn an income that allows you to live in a good school district and provide organic food for your family. Whatever your goal is, focus on it and stay the course. Don’t let others’ goals, successes or failures take your eyes off of your own goals. Other people’s success doesn’t change my own personal definition of success (anymore). I’ve had to learn to believe in myself. No longer armed with youthful confidence (which can be unfounded), I’ve developed a more warranted belief in my capabilities. A truer confidence that comes from serving customers well for a decade and knowing my value. As a woman in business, I sometimes still catch myself doing the “humble” thing, downplaying my successes to avoid bragging. However, I try to remind myself, and tell young women I mentor, to be proud of their accomplishments and avoid minimizing victories. While, I’ve seen this tendency more prevalent in females than males, it’s good wisdom for men and women alike.