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Proven ways to reduce your Facebook ad CPM

Our company President, Robin Rucinsky, was recently a contributor to a fantastic report about reducing digital advertising CPMs. CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand, the cost you pay per 1,000 impressions of your ad. In this article, 25 digital marketing experts share 11 proven strategies to reduce your Facebook Ad CPM. Robin’s recommendation is Tip #2, along with the inside scoop from other qualified marketers listed below.

11 Ways to Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM

“A number of factors can help you reduce your Facebook ad cost per thousand impressions while ensuring your ad reach is optimum and click-through rate is great as well. The experts we surveyed shared the following as their top ways to optimize your CPM.”

  1. Target the right audience
  2. Broaden your audience
  3. Create a lookalike audience
  4. Improve your ad’s relevance score
  5. A/B test your ads
  6. Control the budget you invest as your ad spend
  7. Change your bid type
  8. Add engaging features to your post
  9. Select the right creative format for your ad
  10. Add a CTA
  11. Work on your ad time and frequency

Read the full article with all 11 tips for optimizing your Facebook advertising here.

Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM

If you just want Robin’s bottom line advice, here’s what she said:

Broaden your audience

“This may sound odd, but Thrive Advertising’s Robin Rucinsky explains, “the size of the audience generates CPM costs. It’s basic supply and demand—the more narrow and in-demand an audience, the higher the CPM.”

Since your goal is the opposite, doing the opposite will help: “broaden[ing] your audience.”

If you want to full interview submission from Robin, it’s below:

The size of the audience generates CPM costs. It’s basic supply and demand—the more narrow and in-demand an audience, the higher the CPM. So if your goal is to have a low CPM, you need to broaden your audience. You can do this by increasing your geographic area or decreasing the layers of targeting in an ad campaign. 

The relevance of and Call to Action in the ad typically determine CPC. If you want to lower your CPC, you should look at doing A/B testing of ads to see which ads resonate more with your target demographic. 

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