Smart AI Marketing Tactics Unleashed

You need to capitalize on the massive amount of users shopping and searching on their devices and computers! Creating smart and targeted ads helps with brand awareness and sales goals. Let us help you target the right people using our smart AI technology media buying experience. Let’s unleash proven AI Marketing Tactics together!

We know, we know. Every digital AI marketing agency touts they’re the best. So, what sets us apart?

Our investment in education and our experience in both traditional and digital advertising are what set us apart from the pack of advertising agencies trying to earn your business.

It’s not our sales skills that bring us clients and leads.

We’re sure you’ve been there.  You stumble across a digital AI marketing agency with a vast sales force,  and you can’t help but wonder if they invest as much into the media buying team as they do their sales team.

As recent as last week, we had a new lead come knocking, looking for an alternative to many digital AI marketing companies’ slick sales pitches. They were specifically looking for knowledge as the critical asset in an agency portfolio. More concisely, they sought AI marketing professionals who understand AI and digital marketing technology with more depth and experience in the industry than they could find elsewhere.  

Repeatedly, they mentioned how amazed they were that we had such depth in our understanding of digital AI marketing technology and how refreshing it was not to be subjected to a canned marketing sales pitch. Those types of sales tactics are not and will never be our style. Robin (our President) is known for her straight-shooting talk. If you’ve ever sat down with her or caught her on the phone, you know she tells it like it is, and her experience and expertise shine when she’s asked hard questions. Her quiet confidence comes from successfully investing many millions of advertising dollars regularly and from 17+ years of consuming the advertising industry like drinking from a firehose. The advertising industry has rapidly evolved thanks to marketing technology.

Have you met our President and Media Director?

AI Marketing Tactics
President, Media Director, Thrive Advertising

Robin Rucinsky founded Thrive Advertising in 2008 after working successfully in advertising sales in the Seattle media market. Her vision for creating a unique media buying agency was to arm business owners and marketers with wisdom and guidance for investing in advertising. The top goal for Thrive then and now is to be an advocate for marketers buying advertising from media companies.

Since Robin left her corporate sales job with the largest media company in Seattle 13 years ago, she and her team have built a reputation for helping companies create paid media plans that generate better ROI with significantly more accountability.

High-Quality Advertising Education focused on marketing technology and AI Marketing

We have invested significantly in high-quality Digital AI marketing education every year to stay at the forefront of the digital AI marketing industry.

Robin recently completed a postgraduate Digital Marketing program at Cornell University. Then later, invested in a lesser-known, perhaps scrappier digital marketing course known as B-School. Hey there, B-Schoolers! If you know B-School, you know that B-School teaches more about Digital Marketing than most post-grad programs out there!

As you get to know the culture of Thrive, you’ll see that our values are to super-serve our clients with real results and marketing education. You need to understand why we are investing your advertising budget the way we are. Our goal is to empower you to feel confident in your marketing investment choices. You shop for every other service in your business; why wouldn’t you have an advertising professional to lean on for significant investments like marketing?

It’s time for you to find out what it’s like to run your business with a Media Buyer on YOUR side!

AI Marketing Agency Growth in North Idaho and Spokane!

Thrive is a friendly, informative, and non-pretentious ad agency based in Seattle with clients all across the USA. We serve all of the states and even Canada. Our offices are in the Greater Seattle area, and our newest space is near Spokane, directly serving Spokane and North Idaho! Coeur Dalene business owners, Hayden, Post Falls, and all of you marketers in Kootani County, we are actively growing our agency in your area, and we can’t wait to chat with you about traditional advertising or advanced AI Marketing tactics to dramatically increase your business this year!

Robin & Danielle, Danielle is Thrive’s Sr. Project Manager.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary Zoom call directly with Robin! She brings insider knowledge and advocacy directly from the advertising industry’s trenches and 17+ years of traditional and digital ad sales experience. Pick her brain about her experience as a top advertising executive at one of the country’s largest media companies. Quiz her about her strategic business communications and marketing. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Washington, post-graduate Digital Marketing studies at Cornell University, and has invested significant time learning this industry inside and out. Or get her geeking out about AI Marketing tactics!

Robin is an advertising sage, and her team would tell you that she is respected most for her ability to make sense of marketing investments. She’s also a passionate entrepreneur, having been a business owner since 2008, a self-proclaimed finance nerd, and an {elder} millennial mom of four.

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