Woman Owned Business Media Buyer

Your Trusted Woman Owned Business Media Buyer for Government Contracts

Government contractors are increasingly seeking media buying companies owned by women that offer expertise, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Thrive Advertising has been a 100% woman owned business media buyer for the past 15 years. We specialize in both digital advertising channels and traditional media. So if you’re looking for a Woman Owned Business Partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Our proven track record includes successful collaborations with prominent government entities such as King County Metro Transit and private research university Northeastern University. We understand the unique needs and requirements of government contracts and have the expertise to navigate complex landscapes and deliver tailored solutions that drive real results.

Thrive Advertising’s expertise extends to political advertising, where compliance and ethical practices are paramount. Our understanding of regulatory requirements ensures that our clients’ campaigns are impactful and compliant with relevant laws and regulations—a crucial consideration for government contractors.

As government contractors search for media buying partners, they prioritize woman-owned businesses for government contracts and media buying for political advertising. Thrive Advertising excels in these areas, offering a unique combination of experience, integrity, and innovation that resonates with government agencies seeking trusted partners who provide accountability for ad spend from media companies.

Collaboration with Top Digital Marketing Leader Mitigating Ad Fraud

In addition to our client work, we’re proud to collaborate with an MIT PhD specializing in cybersecurity and digital marketing optimization to assist government and regulatory bodies in strengthening cybersecurity measures in advertising, mitigating threats, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns, including the flow of ad dollars that fund criminal activity.

Our team is committed to improving the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.  You may be shocked to learn how many tactics there are, such as using bots to boost clicks on ads and shocking moves by bad actors to fraudulently get paid for impressions that were never seen by humans. Since digging into the research on ad fraud and optimizing our digital advertising buys, we’ve seen real human site traffic and clicks improve dramatically, significantly increasing the quality of leads our customers get. 

Digital Marketing and Traditional Media Buying Experts

Thrive Advertising is committed to combating ad fraud and ensuring that government contractors’ advertising dollars are spent effectively and ethically. By focusing on real human site traffic and clicks, we drive tangible results while upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Thrive has been a leader in optimizing traditional advertising campaigns and digital marketing campaigns since 2008. Robin Rucinsky, our Media Director, leveraged her experience in television advertising in 2008 during the Presidential Election to start a new type of company committed to improving return on investment for businesses and government contracts. During her time at one of the largest media companies in the country, she learned how to negotiate with media companies to maximize value for government organizations and large non-profits.

Woman Owned Business Media Buyer

Contact Thrive Advertising today to learn how we can empower your brand with diverse expertise and ethical practices with our woman owned business media buyer team . Together, let’s navigate the complexities of media buying and drive success for your government contracting efforts, whether as a subcontractor or as a government contract for media buying.