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If you haven’t been to Seabrook here are 4 reasons to plan a trip right now. Check out this Sponsored Content with Seattle Magazine.

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“Most people don’t start thinking about the beach until July 5th (the unofficial start of summer in Washington). But what if I told you that one of state’s best kept   secrets is a charming little beach town just 2.5 hours from Seattle on the Washington Coast?  Nestled into high-bank bluffs overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, savvy Seattleites flock to the coastal respite of Seabrook to disconnect, relax, and explore the magical beauty of the rugged Olympic Peninisula and surrounding coastline. And with whole-home rentals starting at just $137 per night, a Seabrook retreat is affordable for groups of all sizes.”

Are you just as curious to know more as other readers? Check out the entire piece at length:

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