Your Very Own Media Buyer in 2019

Robin Rucinsky, Media Director

Our new customers usually tell us by year end that hiring a Media Buyer was the best decision they made all year! Marketing Managers like you didn’t even know they needed a Media Buyer and here they are, over the moon, about all the time they saved and stress they avoided. No longer stressed out about managing media contracts and going over invoices line by line; they have time to focus on the stuff they are passionate about like the creative and the messaging!

We’d love to be your Media Buying team in 2019! Call me (Robin) today and we’ll get a coffee date on the calendar to go over your media plans. Free of charge of course and we’ll buy the coffee. We don’t have fees and retainers. We’re transparent and great at what we do. We are super servers. Our job is to make you look like a Rock Star to your boss. After all, you’re a brilliant, creative marketer who just needs an extra set of hands. We’re those hands!

If you need your very own Media Buying team to:
  • Save time, money and stress
  • Plan and execute your media strategy
  • Track ad campaigns
  • Help measure ROI
  • Provide single point billing to ensure no invoicing mistakes
All with no retainers or fees…

then email or call me directly (206) 697-9925 or

We can’t wait to meet you and join your team in 2019.