Seattle Advertising Trends

We’ve been working on many advertising projects this year so we haven’t had time to do our own marketing. Isn’t that the irony that most business owners and marketing professionals experience?

We should spend more time on our blog. Making a concerted effort to update what we’ve been up to and how we’ve been creating ROI producing media plans for great clients. So today is that day.
What have we seen that’s new this year?
1) Native Content and Sponsored Stories
More than years past we’re seeing a demand for, and an ROI produced by, paid advertorial type content on local news websites, lifestyle sites, and in print. Each opportunity is sold differently. Some media companies sell guaranteed reads, others by impression volume. The strategy of purchasing this paid content is unique to each client and their specific goals. Some clients need users to read their headline and first few sentences. For that we’ve found one tech website to be a great success delivering huge impressions in a short period of time for a fair price. Other advertisers need users to engage fully in the content and seek to create a conversion or a specific call to action to measure the success of the advertising buy. We’ve found some media placements to be better performing than others when advertisers are measuring effectiveness by click-through rate (CTR) and cost per acquisition (CPA).
2) Predictive Marketing 
Programmatic advertising becomes predictive when marketers use real-time data and artificial intelligence to anticipate consumer needs. Consumers now demand brands to offer always-on access and personalized experiences. A shift in marketing has now allowed marketers to engage consumers when they are most receptive.
We partner with Rocketfuel for many of our programmatic advertising buys. They have high minimum spends. However, as an agency we’re able to combine advertiser spending to meet required spends which gives local advertisers access to the industry leader that typically only serves large national brands. Programmatic advertising is incredibly effective when done correctly. Keywords: done correctly Remarketing and prospecting display ads can be done incorrectly and there are risks associated with poor ad buys. Using a trusted advertising professional to execute these types of advertising investments is critical as advertisers are becoming increasingly aware of the serious nature of protecting brand safety and delivering legitimate impressions.

Checkout this article we found to give solid wisdom related to brand safety in programmatic advertising.

Here’s a video that explains predictive marketing well.

3) Highly Targeted Ad Buys
We’ve seen the demand increase over the years for laser focused media buys. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of extremely narrow targeting. While we do have some clients who have an appeal to the masses; (therefore broadly cast nets work quite effectively) we’re seeing an increase in advertisers seeking narrower audiences than in years before. Some of these needs stem from an uptick in the economy. Luxury brands desire demographics who can afford to purchase their products and services. Targeting the luxury market is a specific advertising skill set. We have advertisers who are reaching very specific target demographics. For example, a client could be seeking out Adults 35-64, with household incomes of $300k+ who live within a narrowly targeted geographic area who are specifically interested in second homes. Purchasing advertising for that demographic can’t be done by buying broadly.
We’d love to share more and our intention is to become better at updating our blog. But our clients needs always come first. Hope to be back online soon.

Robin Imholte, President, Media Director