2019 Facebook Advertising Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Facebook Ads More Powerful

The customization potential of Facebook Ads is vast, and even the most skilled marketers can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Whether you own your own business or are a part of a marketing team here are some 2019 Facebook advertising tips that will help you optimize your campaigns, yield stronger results and maximize ROI.

Retargeting is Your Friend

On average Retargeting campaigns produce higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs). Facebook allows for two types of Retargeting. These categories include individuals who are on a list that you’ve uploaded or people that have interacted with your company in some way (i.e., website click, video view, etc.)

Make it Live! Add Facebook Video

Videos offer more room for telling your company’s story. Some customers may look beyond a text ad but instead, prefer to watch a 20-second Video. Facebook stories are another way to get more results with your ad campaigns

Split-Test Your Ad Copy

Create multiple sets of copy that include headlines and several ad texts; each one focused on a key message. Next, you can use Facebook’s split-testing feature and choose “Creative” as the variable.

Track your Relevance & Frequency

Two critically important 2019 Facebook advertising tips center around Facebook metrics. These metrics are Relevance Score and Frequency. Your Frequency shows how often a user sees the same version of your ad. The goal is to keep your Frequency relatively low (a good benchmark goal is 3) by having an audience big enough to keep your ad moving through different audiences. Your Relevance Score should stay high (8 or higher). The more positive engagement you receive, the higher your Relevance Score will be. Positive engagement will show up as clicks, views, shares, and likes. Conversely, Negative Engagement will lower your Relevance Score. Someone hiding your ad would be an example of a negative engagement action.

Design Mobile-First

2019 facebook advertising tips

With mobile usage on the rise, it’s important to create mobile-friendly content. Full-screen mobile experience using vertical video or mobile-specific formats such as Instant Experiences and Story Ads can be very effective!

Create Look-alike Audiences with High-Value Clients

Develop a custom audience that is made up of the loyal customers that you love! Then produce a Look-alike Audience based off of this custom audience. Look-alike audience targeting allows you to connect with individuals outside of your network who are similar to invested clients.

We look forward to seeing and hearing about your improved campaigns. For additional 2019 Facebook Advertising tips and tricks, or general questions about advertising strategy and media investing, connect with us here.

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