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You Might Be a Marketing Manager If…

Are you constantly living, breathing, and dreaming about marketing strategies? Do you analyze every ad you see on TV or billboards while thinking about how you’d do it better? Congratulations, you might be a marketing manager! Here are some signs that confirm your suspicion:

1. Your Brain Is a Constantly Running Ad Campaign

You can’t watch a commercial without mentally critiquing its messaging, design, and targeting. Your friends have stopped inviting you to movie nights because you can’t stop talking about why that shampoo ad missed the mark.

2. You Measure Success in Likes and Shares

Forget about birthdays and anniversaries; your calendar is marked with campaign launch dates, social media analytics reviews, and brainstorming sessions. Your heart skips a beat when a post goes viral, and you’re already planning the next big thing before the current campaign even ends.

3. You Speak in Marketing Jargon

Your vocabulary includes phrases like “ROI,” “CTR,” and “A/B testing” as if they’re part of everyday conversation. You’ve caught yourself using marketing buzzwords at family dinners, and your grandma now thinks “synergy” is a new type of yoga.

4. Your Closet Is Full of Branded Merchandise

T-shirts, mugs, pens, you name it – if it’s got your company logo on it, you’ve got it in multiples. Your wardrobe looks like a walking billboard, and you proudly wear your company’s colors to every event, even weddings.

5. You Can Spot a Stock Photo from Miles Away:

You’ve developed a sixth sense for spotting those cheesy, overused stock photos. When your friend shows you their new website design, you can’t help but cringe when you see the same smiling model you’ve seen a hundred times before.

6. You Treat Email Subject Lines Like Poetry

Crafting the perfect email subject line is an art form for you. You spend hours agonizing over every word, trying to strike the perfect balance between intriguing and click-worthy. Your friends ask for advice on subject lines for their personal emails, and you happily oblige.

7. You Have an Unhealthy Obsession with Excel Spreadsheets

Pivot tables, VLOOKUPs, conditional formatting – you’re a master at it all. Your coworkers come to you for help with their data analysis woes, and you secretly revel in being the Excel guru of the office.

8. You’re Constantly Pitching Ideas to Anyone Who Will Listen

Whether it’s a new campaign concept or a clever tagline idea, you’re always eager to share your marketing brilliance with the world. Your friends have learned to avoid asking you what you’ve been up to lately, knowing they’ll be bombarded with your latest marketing schemes.

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So, if you found yourself nodding to any of these signs, congratulations – you’re officially a marketing manager! Embrace your inner ad guru and keep spreading those creative vibes wherever you go. And remember, in the marketing world, there’s always another campaign just waiting to be unleashed! To take your ad buys to the next level, check out our media buying services and see how we can geek out alongside you and bring your ROAS through the roof!