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It’s here! The Washington state political advertising general election’s lowest unit rate window starts on Broadcast TV today, June 22nd, and runs through August 6th. Then, it begins again on September 6th through November 5th. Media companies expect 2024 political spending in the Seattle Market to be around $57 million.

Navigating Political Advertising Regulations in Washington State

Political advertising in Washington State operates under stringent regulations aimed at transparency and fairness. As a crucial component of electoral campaigns, these rules ensure that voters receive accurate information while protecting against misinformation and undue influence.

Washington State’s laws mandate that all political advertisements clearly disclose who paid for them. This transparency requirement extends to digital platforms, print media, television, and radio. Additionally, campaigns must maintain detailed records of expenditures related to advertising, fostering accountability and preventing illicit funding.

Washington State prohibits deceptive practices in political advertising. Ads must not contain false statements about candidates or ballot measures, and they cannot misrepresent endorsements or affiliations. This safeguards the integrity of electoral discourse and empowers voters to make informed decisions.

Digital advertising, a rapidly growing medium, faces specific guidelines in Washington State. Online platforms must disclose the source and funding of political ads, mirroring requirements for traditional media. This ensures that voters know the entities behind digital campaigns, reducing the risk of anonymous influence.

In recent years, Washington State has adapted its regulations to address evolving challenges such as foreign interference and digital manipulation. By staying ahead of technological advancements and global threats, policymakers aim to maintain the integrity of elections and protect democratic processes.

Navigating Washington State’s complex political advertising landscape requires expertise in compliance with these regulations. Media buyers play a crucial role in strategizing ad placements across various media channels, ensuring campaigns reach their target audience effectively while adhering to disclosure requirements and budget constraints.

According to Tegna, the “2024 Political Races [include]: Presidential, WA Governor, US Senate, US House, State Senate, State House. Idaho US House, State Senate & State House. LUR [Lowest Unit Rate] windows: [for] Washington State Primary 6/22 – 8/6 and General Election 9/6 – 11/5.

2024 political spending will be driven by the Washington State governor race and our congressional race, especially with the announcement that Cathy McMorris Rogers will not be running for reelection in the 5th District. Currently, there are 11 candidates in the Washington primary. We recommend advertisers planning for September – October place early to avoid pre-empts during this heavy political window prior to the election on 11/5.”

Political Advertising Media Buyer

Washington state political advertising media buyer

Our President, Robin Rucinsky, worked at KOMO Television in advertising sales during the 2008 Presidential election. Her experience in that environment showed her behind the scenes what it’s like on the media side of the transaction. She started Thrive Advertising shortly after the 2008 election and now has advocated for advertisers through her 100% woman-owned media buying company for 15 years.

Feel free to call us if you want an experienced media buyer for your political advertising campaigns this year. Our team travels regularly between Western WA and Eastern WA, so we have media contacts across the state to expedite media buy turnarounds. We’re highly responsive and get media buys ordered at lightning speed!