Advertising with Video – YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and More

We’ve seen a lot of opportunities to use TV commercials in new, creative ways lately. We’re wrapping up some second quarter buys that are using our client’s television spots to advertise on YouTube, Hulu and through Pandora Video in addition to the traditional buys on cable and broadcast television. Some advertisers aren’t aware that there are great opportunities to further capitalize on the value of video’s sight, sound and emotional influence by placing video ads on highly targeted marketing channels, which can be done in conjunction with their television buys or separately on their own. New media and digital technology have opened the doors for advertisers to be so much more strategic than they once were capable of. Now we cannot only buy geographically and behaviorally targeted ads but we can further that strategic targeting by identifying prospective new customers for your business by finding “look-alikes” of your current customers and serving them ads in strategic places that will be much more effective. We can find consumers online that behave the way your current customers do and serve them both video and display ads that speak to them and the way they consume media more effectively than ever.

Media fragmentation and audience segmentation have dramatically changed the way that media buyers buy advertising. “In the historic world of analog media, driven by printing presses, broadcast licenses and cables on poles, media distribution was scarce and audience attention plentiful. In that world, content of just decent quality was virtually certain to deliver a lot of audience attention because the true leverage point in media was the control of scarce mass distribution. However, in the digital world of media emerging today, which is driven by digital bits and Internet Protocol delivery, distribution is plentiful. It is audience attention that is scarce.” [Credit,] By working with a media planner to help you figure out how to reach your targeted demographic, you’ll be able to generate a greater return on your investment by placing your message in the right places at the right price. We’ve learned how to hone in on the best channels to capture viewers’ attention; which with an effective message and a clear call to action, equates to results yielding extremely profitable returns for our clients.

If you’ve been considering using your already produced video ads in new ways, give us a call to talk about how to best invest your ad dollars. If you’re looking to have great video produced, we know some of the best in the business. How are you using video creatively to drive new business?