Revealed: How to Use Virtual Reality Advertising and Augmented Reality Platforms in Advertising

Emerging advertising channels and platforms offer a wealth of opportunities! Social media content, mobile apps, and virtual reality advertising apps require an investment of time and money. However, will they help your digital marketing efforts?

VR and AR (virtual reality and augmented reality) marketing are part of the future of advertising. We’ve studied how these new channels will play a role in future advertising strategy. One experience we’d like to share is an example of VR that we saw work well for a real estate developer client.  LUMA Condo developer used Oculus Rift headsets to give potential buyers a sneak peek at the condos before they were ever built! This was major cutting edge real estate marketing! The prospective buyers loved it. They visualized the finished product before the builder had the walls up! What an awesome use of technology! From young, tech professionals, to mature adults looking to downsize, the headsets were a wild success!

Here you’ll hear directly from their Real Estate Sales Director about the experience of using Oculus Virtual Reality in marketing real estate developments. There was  a lot curiosity that came along with this exciting marketing platform. In the interview below, the Sales Director says, [I’ve] “never seen anything like this… it opens up a lot of options for people. To me, it feels like it’s on the cutting edge of a whole new realm of selling… I’ve been in real estate a long time. I remember going to classes on how to sell from blue prints! I mean who would even think about that now in today’s world?! So, I think it’s just changed the whole experience and the whole spectrum” [of real estate marketing].



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