Gen Z… where you won’t be finding them in the media

Gen Z is already moving away from Facebook….what’s next?Gen Z selfie credit: elijah-o-donell-663102-unsplash.jpg

Born between 1995 & 2010, Generation Z is growing up quickly and consuming content along the way.

“Generally, members of Gen Z are tech-savvy, pragmatic, open-minded, individualistic — but also socially responsible,” An Hodgson, an income and expenditure manager at Euromonitor International, told Business Insider.”

Business Insider goes on to remind us of those industries Millennials have killed, and what industries may be dying a slow death due to Gen Z. A few of note in relation to your Gen Z media planning mix:

Cable TV:
With multiple streaming options for TV, Gen Z enjoys commercial free programming when and wherever possible. Less tied to traditional production models, they also find interest in self-made video production.

“No one watches cable TV anymore,” Goel said. More than 60% of teens said they would rather watch 10 hours of video/s on YouTube than 10 hours of television, a 2017 survey by AwesomenessTV found.”

Print-media consumption:
Granted, we’ve all known for time print is on the decline, but when you stop to think about how Gen Z has grown up, it is true… “they aren’t exactly nostalgic about opening up a newspaper.” They grew up with a tablet in hand and consume content on a myriad of devices with e-books and social media channels constantly at their fingertips. Creating their own funnels of content, you’ll find these young adults reading their daily updates between their daily tasks – not making them a daily task.

Digital Radio:
They are willing to pay for curated music and content and value subscription services.

“Almost 10% of millennials say they pay for Pandora, compared with just 6% of Gen Zers, a study by the consulting firm Fluent found. Generation Z, more than any other generation, prefers subscribing to Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Red.”

In 2017, Inc Magazine reported that just in a few years…

“Gen Z (those 20 and under) will account for 40% of the consumer market, and be an even bigger group than both Baby Boomers and Millennials. Which means, while everyone else is still debating over what to do with Millennials, their younger brothers and sisters will be the largest, most untapped audience out there.”

If you want to reach Gen Z, it takes some creativity. Beyond Snapchat and YouTube pre-roll, think influencers and alignment with social justice causes. Advertising to Gen Z and want to chat about more ways to reach them? We’d love to brainstorm with you! Just don’t DM us 😉 Give us a shout at 206.697.9925