click-through rate

How to increase your Click-through Rate to get more qualified leads

How can I increase my click-through rate? Is there a trick to generating more significant ROI from a Display ad campaign? Does Retargeting work? What’s the best way to set up a digital marketing campaign? These are the types of digital marketing questions we receive from our customers when we start working with them. Our clients want to know how to improve their marketing campaign results. One question recently was related to real estate. We do a lot of real estate marketing. A customer asked how to generate a more significant ROI on their Programmatic advertising campaigns. So we got together with our strategy team, brainstormed, researched, and curated a succinct list of 6 ways to increase your digital advertising CTR.

  1. Start with a verb or action-oriented phrase: Get, start, save, maximize, enquire, come along, snag, act, call, phone, email, check out, discover, explore, see why, talk to us, add, arrange, come in, inspect, secure, learn more, contact me.
  2. Make it personal: me, my, you, yours, your own, you’ll love, your new home.
  3. Create a feeling of exclusivity: Limited, exclusive, access, personal viewing, rare, scarce, opportunity, enviable, unique, memorable, special, astute, caliber, hard to come by, request a viewing.
  4. Convey a sense of urgency: Now, last chance, hurry, today, ASAP, don’t waste another minute, don’t miss out, this one won’t last, act now, never-to-be-repeated, prompt viewing recommended, don’t miss the boat, don’t delay, early viewing recommended, grab your chance now.
  5. Inspire trust: no obligation, best-selling, guaranteed, private, proven, protect, authentic, build, ask, result, committed, confidence, expectations, assurance.
  6. Focus on what your buyer desires: new, lifestyle, dream home, reality, portfolio, sanctuary, investment, generations, family, future, quality, paradise, prestige, perfect, ideal, nest, personality.

When we’re working for clients with real estate marketing goals, we know that prospective buyers will be searching for properties both online and through traditional mediums. If you’re marketing through conventional advertising mediums, your call to action will, of course, vary to suit. Regardless of whether the call to action is to phone, click (or touch) or visit, make sure it’s easy for your audience to act. Your Call to Action should be explicit, positioned within the logical flow of information, and, most importantly, contain accurate contact details, so prospects know exactly where to find you.

We hope you found these tips for increasing your Click-through Rate valuable! We’re currently accepting new clients for 2021 and would love to chat with you about how we can collaborate with you at no additional cost to your marketing budget to increase your marketing ROI.