What You Should Never Forget to Do in Advertising

Thrive Marketing Tip: Maybe I’ve watched too many Disney movies. I do have 3 daughters… But I think of getting customers’ email addresses as collecting glass slippers. The Prince couldn’t have tracked Cinderella down without her glass slipper!

It was the only clue he had to figure out who she was. When customers come to your store or business, give them an opportunity to leave their “glass slipper” behind. By creating a compelling reason for them to leave their email address, you’ll be well on your way to building an invaluable email list in no time! Assure them that you won’t give or sell their information, while letting them know that by opting in to your email list, they’ll be one of the privileged and valued customers to know about exciting opportunities and offers before any one else! Everyone wants to feel special. Once you’ve built a substantial email list there are so many marketing tactics that can be better utilized! Tactics that will make all your marketing dreams come true.