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Meet your new Spokane Media Buyers! An experienced advertising agency to serve Spokane.

Meet your new Spokane media buyers, Thrive Advertising! We’re expanding and growing and can’t wait to tell you about it. Our expansion allows us to super-serve the greater Spokane area. While we’ve always bought advertising in the Spokane market, we’re now close by, so we can pop into our clients’ offices and say hello more often. Our growth has allowed us to expand our local presence in Eastern Washington and CDA.

spokane media buyers

We’re meeting with Spokane business owners and Marketing Directors to develop new relationships and to expand our media buying services in 2022.

Thrive Advertising is an agency that has built a reputation in the Seattle market for the past 14 years for being a team of media buying experts. We have many advertising case studies to share, and we look forward to bringing our experience to the east side of Washington state. Let’s chat about how Thrive can bring large market buying power to the greater Spokane business community. 

Spokane Advertising Agency

Do you need help marketing a professional service business in Spokane? Perhaps you own a large, locally owned company with an expansive service area with multiple locations and need a media plan that fits your unique needs. Spokane media buyers professionally manage and oversee your advertising budget to be sure you’re reaching the right people with the right message in the right place. We optimize your advertising investments to ensure maximum ROI and hold the media companies accountable for the ad space they sell.

We’re your new local team of professional media buyers ready to bring our buying power and advertising experience to your  Spokane business. Let’s chat about your advertising needs. 

Call us today to schedule a complimentary Zoom call or an in-person Spokane or North Idaho meeting directly with our President, Robin Rucinsky! Robin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Washington in 2005, post-graduate certificates in Digital Marketing from Cornell University in 2020, and has invested her entire career in learning and investing in the advertising industry.

Robin brings insider knowledge and advocacy directly from the advertising industry’s trenches and 18+ years of traditional and digital advertising experience. Pick her brain about her time as an advertising executive at one of the country’s largest media companies.  

Robin and her media buying team regularly invest millions of marketing dollars and can help you get more for your advertising budget with all of Thrive Advertising’s clients’ combined purchasing power.

Seattle Media Buyers now in Spokane

Thrive Advertising agency is bringing robust knowledge of how to reach coveted demographics from Seattle to Spokane, and we can’t wait to share all that we have with you!

Check out our online reviews if you have time. Our customers are our best salespeople!

“Our ad buys included about 11 million impressions last year, and we ended up with about 19 million impressions! We have specific success stories with advertising listings and advertising particular programs that have done quite well with them [Thrive]. The most interesting part of our success is with the programmatic advertising and understanding what the data tells us versus what our intuition is telling us. They [Thrive] have a well-planned strategy that allows us to hit several markets and really saturate our market in digital, print, and audio on the radio. We’re hitting our clients in every place they go.”

Scottt Hannaman, Coldwell Banker Bain, V.P. of Marketing & Creative