Scott Hannaman


I’m the VP of marketing and creative at a real estate company in the pacific northwest. We’re the largest Coldwell Banker franchise in the world by volume. We have 32 branches across the pacific northwest and a little over 1,200 brokers.

Thrive Advertising plans out a really solid media buy for us. They outline different media outlets, give us pricing, and make sure the ad buys are buttoned up, so we’re able to get into a lot of different areas of media outside what we would have done, which was just print.

We have specific success stories with advertising listings and advertising particular programs that have done quite well with them [Thrive Advertising].

The most interesting part of our success is with the programmatic advertising and understanding what the data is telling us versus what our intuition is telling us. They [Thrive] have a well-planned strategy that allows us to hit several markets and really saturate our market in digital, print, and audio on the radio.

We’re hitting our clients in every place they go.