picture of commercial cost in a Seahawks game

What Do TV Ads Cost in Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskies Games?

Football is finally here with Training Camp just kicking off this week and the first game is in two weeks! You may have searched for some advertising avails in preseason TV and game day radio broadcasts. If you’re interested in pricing, we’re here for you! Many advertisers want to know what a commercial cost in a Seahawks game. The answer isn’t cut and dry because there are many variables. But, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of inventory, ratings and delivery systems.

picture of commercial cost in a Seahawks game

Seahawks Ratings Estimates:

Preseason TV (Average local rating in 2018 = 18.2 HH Rating / 37 Share / 341,000 HH impressions)

Gameday Radio (Average local ratings in 2018 = 7.2 Rating / 29.7 Share / Cume Audience 307,700)

Reaching a male demographic efficiently

Many marketers want to reach men with sports advertising and that can be a fantastic strategy. When making a recommendation for an ad buy, we look at all the numbers and all the comps. Kind of like when you buy a house, you look at all the homes for sale in your price range. We suggest doing the same thing with ad buys. If you have X dollars, you need to make an informed investment by knowing what you can buy with that ad budget. That’s our job.

We can show you the comps and give you an idea of how to best reach your demographic efficiently with your marketing fund. For some male demo budgets, sports radio and TV commercials can provide an efficient CPP. For others, the rates are too high of a premium and they opt to reach their demo elsewhere. We’re happy to walk through our process with you to determine whether or not you should buy a commercial in a Seahawks game. Or a Huskies game! Or a Mariners game!

Mariners, Huskies, Seahawks!

Interested in advertising in Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskies games? Give us a call ASAP if you’re looking to place your fall sports buy or need somewhere to place your Men 18+ demo budget. We’re happy to give you the most accurate and up to date info on what a commercial cost in a Seahawks game.