Gene Juarez Salons & Spas Creates “Fanicures” to Support the Seattle Seahawks: Social Media Marketing

We love our client Gene Juarez Salons & Spas because they are willing to participate in fun marketing ideas! Partnering with influencer and media personality Jenni Hogan for their latest social media marketing campaign, we’ve created the #GJFanicure! Fan + Manicure = Fanicure.

Jenni is beloved by many locals, and her enthusiasm added the horsepower needed for this social media marketing strategy. Jenni went to the salon to get her fanicure, then shared her sparkly new nails with her audience. She hashtagged post #GJFanicure and asked her followers to share their photos. It immediately lit up the phone lines at Gene Juarez with fans excited to get their fanicure!

Sometimes the simplest campaigns are the most engaging. When you pair a well-liked influencer and a fun activity, social participation will follow. Social Media Marketing is about cutting through the clutter and noise of the feeds to engage audiences.

#GJFanicures lit up social media feeds across King County on all social media channels, spreading the 12th (wo) Man’s extra spirit as we get ready for the 2014 Super Bowl!

Engaging your customers and prospective ones is a fantastic way to create awareness and generate word of mouth marketing. Admittedly, the product lends itself to a social media campaign, and other businesses have more of a challenge in creating engaging content. But we have many social media marketing ideas for them, too! It’s all about engagement and reaching a large enough audience within your demographic. Can we share with you how we help business owners get more value from their advertising budgets? Check out how working with us, your new media buying team can make your marketing dollars go further than you thought possible. 


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Here’s a fun fact for you, I met Jenni in college when I was her intern! She and I became friends quickly because she wasn’t that much older than I was. We worked together at KOMO for years and then we were pregnant with our first children at the same time! We were due just 2 weeks apart! It’s been fun to see her career success. She’s a smart woman and a person I’m glad to know.