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Media Buyers save you a fortune

Oh, let us count the ways that we’ve saved our customers a fortune time and time again… I started this business in 2008. Eleven years later, when I tell people in social settings what I do, they have no idea what I’m talking about. So here’s how I usually explain what a Media Buyer is to a friend when they’ve never heard of one. Media Brokers are like a financial advisor or insurance broker. Successful businesses invest small fortunes each year in advertising space, and my job is to help them get more advertising for their budget.

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Robin Rucinsky, Media Director and President of Thrive Advertising

Akin to using a trusted financial advisor to help you allocate the money in your retirement account.

You likely don’t know the exact quantity and price per share you want from each fund or individual stock. Instead, you rely on a skilled fiduciary to guide you toward how to best invest those funds because they’re experts. Financial advisors regularly invest, so collectively they have their finger on the pulse of the market and understand investments far beyond what you have time to do on your own since that’s not your core area of expertise. They work with your existing budget, just like we do, and come up with the best financial strategy to maximize your investments.

We do the same thing. We get you more advertising exposure for your current budget and ensure you’re not getting sold junk ad space.

Similarly, the way insurance brokers work helps provide an easy to understand analogy of what a Media Buyer is. When you’re shopping for business insurance, it’s challenging to navigate when you have complex needs. If you’re a business owner, you know the complexity and how overwhelming it can be to figure out.

When you don’t have the knowledge or bandwidth

To be sure you’re selecting the right amount of coverage and proper plan to meet your needs, within your budget, you need a trusted advisor. In a comparable way, a knowledgeable Media Broker helps you navigate the purchase of advertising and assuming they’re good at their job (we certainly are!) they’ll get you better coverage and superior pricing.

Many business owners and marketers don’t know that most media sales reps are 100% commission salespeople!

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Media Brokers are experts at buying ad space, and we know how to get you more for your current advertising budget and ensure you’re not getting sold garbage. And trust us, there is a lot of garbage for sale! But it’s wrapped in glitter with a whole lotta smoke and mirrors, so you likely won’t know it stinks until after you’ve made the purchase! Which. Is. The. Worst!

You have your guard up when you’re shopping for a car. You should have it way up when you’re shopping for ad rates!

Working with a Media Buyer frees up your time

Working with a Media Buyer frees up your time and ensures that your advertising investments are just that, investments. Good media plans deliver ROI and new customers!

What’s the best part of our Media Buying service?

There is no added cost to your budget, or retainer or fees, for our media buying service. We’re a full-service media buying team, set up to manage your advertising campaigns from planning to reconciliation, and we do it within your budget!

What’s our Media Buying Process?

First, we determine your demographic.

After that, we:

  • chose the correct media mix
  • negotiate with the media giants on your behalf
  • book your media plans

Then we switch to media management mode and watch those advertising plans like a hawk to ensure excellent delivery by:

  • Regularly optimizing your ad campaigns to maximize your ROI
  • Going through your media invoices with a fine-tooth comb ensuring you’re bills are correct

We make sure our customers are never overcharged or misbilled!

We found a $7,000 error for one of our customers just last month! You better believe they were tickled pink to have had our team on their side, combing that media bill!

Are you checking your invoices? If you take nothing from this blog other than that little nugget of wisdom, you’ll be indebted to us. CHECK YOUR MEDIA BILLS! They’re often inaccurate because the media salesperson just inputs the order, the accounting team doesn’t know what you’re supposed to have ordered, so they automatically bill you for what their system says.

Humans make mistakes and media salespeople, like everyone, are often in a rush. If they click the wrong button, guess who pays for that mistake? Most of the time, it’s the business owner who doesn’t catch the error! (insert actual tears) Not taking the time to check them could cost you big time.

We’re the secret weapon of many local business owners and trusted ally of marketers across the country.

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