advertisers love pandora radio

The secret reasons advertisers love Pandora Radio

Here are four reasons to love Pandora Radio advertising

Advertisers love Pandora Radio for many reasons. Let’s start with #1.

1) No clutter. Pandora serves only four minutes of ads per hour. Traditional radio serves about 16 minutes, more than 25% of the hour! Yikes.

2) Pandora users are logged into their account when they listen.

Users are required to provide their birth year, gender, and zip code when they sign up for a Pandora account.

This Pandora Radio intel provides advertisers with the ability to geotarget and deliver ads to their target demographic by age, gender, and beyond.

3rd party data allows us to target beyond geography, age, and gender. We can target by income, interests, and more!

Also, by requiring a user to be logged in, we know when they’re listening and can accurately determine the number of advertising impressions served. This differentiation is a huge advantage over traditional radio, which still uses an extremely antiquated audience-determining rating system.

advertisers love pandora radio

3) Ads on Pandora often serve during transition phases. Transition phases are when a user likes or dislikes a song, changes stations, or pauses their music. These interactions tell Pandora that the user is actively engaged with the platform and that it’s a perfect opportunity to serve a user an ad!

4) Creative on Pandora is easy! Pandora provides commercial production services at no cost with an ad buy! The quality of the production is excellent and can swap out easily.

We have so many great success stories to share of why advertisers love Pandora Radio. We’d love to share them with you. If you’d like to learn more about Pandora advertising, you can read more of our blogs. We write about this nerdy stuff all the time. We’re happy to share the advantages of Pandora over iHeartRadio and Spotify as well. We’re your team with lots of insights about all media options and we love a good conversation about the pros and cons of all marketing platforms.

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