Digital Targeted Advertising: Tactics to Target at Every Level of User Engagement

Digital advertising tactics are evolving at lightning speed. We’re constantly learning and innovating to best serve of clients and their unique marketing needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the type of digital targeted advertising tactics we’ve been using lately.

  • Geo-fence Targeting – Targeting based on your location and your competitor’s locations.
  • Category Contextual Targeting – Targeting on sites with content relevant to your industry.
  • IP Targeting – Target users by their location of their IP address.
  • Native Advertising – Responsive ad units built to match a publisher’s content and design.
  • Facebook Newsfeed – Facebook demographic targeting, interests and behavioral targeting.
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting– Targeting content with terms relevant to your industry.
  • Site Retargeting – Targeting users who have previously visited your website as they surf the web or social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.
  • CRM Targeting – Targeting users from an existing database.
  • Keyword Search Retargeting – Targeting terms relevant to your industry.

We’re working hard to ensure our customers are reaching potential and existing customers with digital targeted advertising using a blend of tactics to target at every level of user engagement. We’d love an opportunity to share with you how we could partner with you to increase the effectiveness of your advertising investments. An opportunity to earn your business and develop a relationship with new clients is what we thrive on.