Sponsored Posts and Native Advertising done right

Did you catch the 7 Best Things to Do at #SuncadiaResort featured on Seattle Refined? Suncadia’s recent Native Advertising post hit it out of the park.

The best sponsored posts don’t feel like advertising… they are quality content placed right within the media. Hence the term, native content.

It is a fantastic way to educate your audience without a hard sell. Best places to vacation, best places to live… quality information readers want to know!

In fact, a great approach when creating sponsored posts is to compose your post like you have insider information that will be useful to your audience. It reads authentically, shares well on social media and should have an informal, approachable voice to it. Think of native advertising almost as paid “word of mouth.”

A few things to consider when creating native advertising:

  • Start with an amazing hook or story angle
    • In this case, Suncadia hit the nail on the head with a headline that may catch your eye while you’re planning your PNW getaways: “What’s Hot for Summer? The 7 Best Things to do at Suncadia”
  • Bulleted lists improve readability
    • Why make readers work though an article when they can skim for something that jumps out at them? Native Advertising posts should be readable, provide value and quickly get to the point.
  •  Trust your media partners
    • Most sponsored posts include the cost of a copywriter to compose a post. They know their audience and how to speak to them and can finesse your copy points into a story.
  • Leverage performance
    • Native advertising and sponsored content are often favored by our clients because they often provide a URL to direct back to for their own websites or blogs, and audiences can reference that insightful content again and again (also boosting SEO). We see stellar performance metrics out of the gate, but we know our clients value this continued published content.

Want to chat about Native Advertising?

Sponsored stories and native content are a great way to showcase your company. Ask us how!

Image or horseback riding at Suncadia for Native Advertising

Horseback riding at Suncadia, #2 on the Seattle Refined’s list