Advertising Demographic: Chinese Consumers in the U.S.

Today we’re working on a media plan specifically targeting a niche demographic, Chinese Consumers. We’ve been looking specifically at local publications and also at the largest publisher in the U.S. which happens to have a local presence here in Seattle. There are other ways to reach this target demographic that we’d be happy to discuss with an interested advertiser in more detail. Other opportunities would include things like International Airlines In-Flight Magazines, Airport Lounge Sponsorships, and targeted online advertising. But since we’re specifically referencing local, Seattle specific, print publications for the sake of this blog, we’ll limit our focus to those.

The niche publications we’re looking at for a client today are Seattle Chinese Post, NW Asian Weekly and the International Examiner (~1/3 of their readers are Chinese Americans). These publications reach this niche audience that has become highly coveted by advertisers in the area. We’ve also been pulling the latest media research and demographic data to help our client make more informed advertising decisions. We’d be happy to share this information with prospective clients.

Another media company we’ve been working with is Epoch Digital Network, the web’s largest publisher of uncensored original China news. We’ve developed some media strategies using their Internet brands, and Their digital offerings give advertisers access to young, Chinese American users who are in high demand. When media buys like this are executed properly, they provide an efficient way to create a high ROI advertising strategy, and that’s what we’re all about here at Thrive.

The Epoch Times print newspaper is America’s largest, most far-reaching, and influential Chinese-language publication. Chinese Americans tend to live in metro areas. In the Seattle area specifically we are seeing this become a fast growing population and reaching them with marketing is coming up in more and more of our conversations recently. Here is an example of a Reader Profile that we are using to make better advertising investments for our client.

Epoch Times Newspaper Reader Profile:

Vast majority are immigrants from Mainland China
88% Born in Mainland China
7% Born in Taiwan
2% Born in Hong Kong

Most speak Mandarin at home
48% Mandarin
13% Cantonese
4% Taiwanese
34% English
1% Other

Most can speak English but the
majority only consume Chinese media

90% speak some English
55% say their English is good or very good
79% did not read any English

Digital Reader Profile: