Media buyers? Let’s break it down.

laptop image with clock on screen, media Media buyers? Let’s break it down.

We leave the creatives to the creative. Chances are you have enough cooks in the kitchen. Between you, your VP, and the office dog’s chief strategist, we get the drill.

You’ve spent all this time, energy (not to mention budget) working with a creative services firm – you’ve got a new brand, a new campaign or a new product ready to roll out to the world. Now you’re left with goals to meet and a budget to spend.

Oh, and don’t forget those reps calling you. Last week a “package they don’t want you to miss out on” this week and sending you emails that make you second guess if the email is legit and you forgot to respond.

We get it. We get those calls, and those emails about the latest “digital advertising solution” that no one has ever heard of. And we gladly take those calls and the emails for our clients, all day, every day.

We’re BFF’s with the VP’s of Marketing, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Business owners whom are juggling multiple deadlines, accounts, and priorities and initiatives.

So that silver lining of a media buyer?




The time it takes to plan the right media mix, pull a comprehensive campaign apart into digestible deliverables and dates, the time spent keeping medias accountable and run the monthly metrics (again and again!), oh and the time to rule out those pesky sales calls. Negotiators, dedicated project management and gatekeepers all rolled into one.

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