What You Ought to Know About Millennial Marketing

We know how to make advertising campaigns work over here especially when it comes to Millennial Marketing. Millennial Moms are a demographic specialty of ours.

Marketing Tip: If you’re marketing to moms, Millennial or GenX , think BUSY. Moms are busy!

So how do you reach moms on the go? We have so many ideas! We’ll help you! Moms are buying things all. the. time.

Big things and little things. Diapers to houses, we’re consumers with big purchasing power.

Millennials made up 34 percent of American home buyers in 2017, more than any other age group.

Reaching Millennials with your marketing message requires a deep understanding of the Generation. If you missed our blog post on the “Xennial” generation, you need to take a moment to read that first. It’s worth the read as it explains that there are actually two different segments within the Millennial Generation and understanding the differences in the two segments is critical to the success of your advertising campaigns.

For the purpose of this blog though we’re focusing on reaching Millennial mothers. Let’s assume that means they’re Women 25-34. As one of these women, I can tell you that my media habits make me a moving target because I’m constantly on the go. I’m working, diapering, running my older kids to sports, taking master’s level college courses online, trying to stay in touch with my friends, maintaining a home and investing in time with my husband. So I rarely sit down. Therefore, reaching me (a working Millennial Mom, age 33, living in King County) means an advertiser would need a media plan that is as dynamic as my media habits. As media buyers, we plan around the individuality of each person’s individual media habits. This is critical to advertising success in 2019.

When I finally get moments of “me-time”, I use these mediums:
  • Pandora Radio – which I listen to on my Sonos speakers, on my phone and in my car. Pandora recently added podcasts to their app BTW. Check that out. They also insert on SoundCloud. Spotify would be a consideration as well and we can help you with any of these digital radio platforms.
  • Instagram App – when I have down time (after the kids go to bed usually) and want to see what my other friends with crazy busy lives are up to. I don’t do Facebook personally. I know some people who still do regularly but they’re older than 34 as a generalization.
  • Cable – usually DVR or on-demand though so you’ve gotta reach me through cable VOD media buys. We DVR our go to shows and watch on-demand programs for non-appointment TV. (*We can walk you through how to advertise on cable television in the their on-demand programs and through other long-form, quality, video streaming advertising also known in the industry as OTT standing for Over the Top [of broadcast, satelitte, cable TV]. This would reach smart TVs, connected TVs, like Roku etc.)
  • Safari or news apps- this is where I get all of my news. I don’t watch a lot of TV news personally because I prefer to read news. I like that I can filter out the “if it bleeds it leads” gore stories that I don’t want (or don’t want my kids) to be subjected to.

While the above mentioned medias are unique to me and I wanted to share some insight into a professional, Millennial moms media habits, we don’t buy advertising based on our own personal media habits. I’m just mentioning how I use media personally to give you ideas and context.

We buy media based on qualitative and quantitative media research, experience and client goals.
So how do we create a millennial marketing media mix that reaches my demographic profile?

Basically, we’d be creating a marketing strategy to reach working women, ages 25-34 with kids in the home, in the Seattle market.

Depending on budget, we’d likely put together a mix of:

  • Programmatic Remarketing and Prospecting – this would reach me and my look a likes online across all the news, lifestyle, health, etc. websites that I browse on my phone, device or computer. Programmatic takes care of all the niche sites that reach your demo for a fraction of the costs it would take to buy the sites individually. Not sure what Programmatic is? Check out this Programmatic blog we wrote recently for the scoop on that.
  • Pandora Radio – with proper targeting, remember this includes podscasts and SoundCloud
  • Instagram – with proper targeting
  • Cable – VOD – TV everywhere ads – geotargeted and demo targeted
Millennial Marketing expert

Media Director, Thrive Advertising

Of course, our professional recommendation, for millennial marketing or any strategic advertising investments, is to work with a professional media buyer. Media buyers put together specific media plans with professionally negotiated rates so you’re not overpaying or buying the wrong thing. Please don’t take the above recommendation and run with it, without serious evaluation of the deliverables and investments. Consider how much work and planning goes into putting together a media plan that works before pulling the trigger on an ad purchase. Our agency uses a mix of media research, experience and bulk pricing to create media plans that deliver more ROI for our customers. We’d love to talk with you about your advertising plans. Email or call us to schedule a complimentary 30 minute chat about your marketing strategy.