All you need to know about Programmatic Marketing

Remarketing and Prospecting Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Marketing confuses a lot of marketers. Many of our customers were confused before they started working with us. There are a lot of media companies selling Programmatic Advertising. But how do you know you pick the right one? Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research and vetting for you! We’ll share some info below so that you have an idea of the landscape. For most marketing people Programmatic feels overwhelming but don’t worry, we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Programmatic Advertising gives you the power to deliver personalized, always-on, highly relevant ads to current and prospective customers. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve ads to users who have visited your website and to target users who behave similarly online to your current customers with digital ads.

Programmatic ads are placed by platforms bidding on ad inventory in real time, based on targeted demographics andprogrammatic marketing prices that advertisers are willing to pay for inventory. These platforms are called “DSP”s or “Demand Side Platform”. These digital programmatic marketing systems that allow buyers of advertising space to manage multiple ad exchange and ad network accounts through one interface.

DSPs use technology to analyze millions of data points in seconds. They’re able to use the data to bid on ad space that makes the most sense for your brand in real time. DSPs serve ads to users more likely to be interested in your marketing message at significantly lower costs to you.

There are two programmatic marketing tactics that we use for our customers:
Remarketing and Prospecting

Remarketing is serving ads to customers who have already visited your website. To do this, we’d have your web designer place a pixel on your website that allows the DSP to track the users who are currently visiting your site. This gives them the ability to later serve your visitors ads based on the way they interacted with your website.

For example) A customer visits your resort website to look at rates for resort stays. The pixel fires which allows the DSP to serve  ads to this user over the next few days or weeks, on websites that they uniquely visit.

Prospecting utilizes that same pixel data gathered from our Remarketing efforts. Prospecting acquires new audiences based on the behavioral data. In the above example, Prospecting for the resort would analyze their current visitors’ behavior and then find new audiences similar to those current visitors within a data network called a DMP*. Ads serve on websites unique to these look alike users. If the users regularly visit there is a good chance they’ll see your ad there.

What’s a *DMP?

DMPs are software systems and services that gather a variety of data related to digital marketing activities. DMPs first analyze data then target, verify and is use it for marketing improvement processes.

Does that make sense? We like to simplify our explanations of complex advertising methods. If you prefer technical details we’d be happy to schedule time with you to go over the nitty-gritty. We love geeking out over technology and innovation with similarly wired marketing nerds. But for this blog we’ll keep it short and sweet because we’ve got plenty of marketer friends who want to focus their energy on the creative and simply want the high level explanation.

In fact, recently been taking some pretty cool Digital Marketing Courses through Cornell University which has been a lot of fun! We’ve been collaborating with marketers from across the country, many from Fortune 500 companies who are looking to stay up on the latest digital marketing tactics including Programmatic Marketing. We’d love to share some things we’re learning with you soon.



Robin Rucinsky, Media Director & President of Thrive Advertising