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Here’s the Scoop on the Media We Buy Most

Much like you lean on the wisdom and experience of a trusted adviser to invest your personal money, working with our media buying team puts your advertising dollars in a powerful position. Thrive’s digital and traditional media buying services were created to bring you years of insider knowledge, through in-the-trenches experience in media sales. Uniquely positioned with “backstage pass” knowledge, our mission is to help grow your business through proven advertising strategies that’ll maximize your marketing budget and deliver new customers now.

Traditional Media

Traditional advertising strategies based on your goals, media research, demographic data, and experience.

We craftily select the most relevant media mix for your unique business needs; whether it be TV (cable and broadcast), radio, buses, transit, billboards, out of home (OOH), or print.

Digital Marketing

Digital media plans based on your goals, connecting you with your customers wherever they are electronically. Our digital advertising strategies work because we have married the best available technology with our proven recipes for success based on more than a decade of experience investing in media and tracking return on investment (ROI).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Programmatic Advertising, Pandora Radio, Spotify, Over-The-Top (OTT) & Connected TV (i.e. how to reach cord cutters), Facebook, Instagram, powerful Remarketing and Look-Alike Prospecting with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology, and all things digital paid media can be used to reach your customers wherever they are. Any industry, any business

We do it all. Traditional or Digital. Or both. Let’s create a media plan that you understand and that works for you. Producing ROI, always.

Advertising through traditional media can be an incredibly effective way to reach people. People still watch traditional TV and listen to talk radio. Consumers see Buses, read billboards, believe it or not, there are still some valuable demographics that subscribe to the print version of newspapers and magazines. So, let’s work together to create the right media mix for your brand, goals, and target demo.

Media buying is about creating just the right media mix. We’re trusted media professionals, proficient in all advertising options. Let us be your media buying experts so that you can focus your time and energy on what you enjoy most.

We’ll make sure you are advertising in the right place, at the right time, with the right message! Schedule time with us. We drink a lot of coffee like true Seattleites and would love to collaborate with you!

Let us show you how partnering with us digital and traditional Media Buyers can dramatically improve your work life, without the hiring costs! We’d love to earn your business.