Traditional Advertising is Making a Comeback

Why Traditional Advertising is Making a Comeback in the Era of Cookieless Digital Marketing

A curious resurgence of traditional advertising tactics has emerged in the ever-evolving advertising landscape, where digital reigns supreme. With the impending demise of third-party cookies and the increasing concerns over data privacy, marketers are revisiting age-old methods to reach their audience effectively. Traditional advertising is making a comeback. The digital advertising ecosystem has long relied on cookies to track user …

traditional tv advertising in 2024

Evolution of Traditional TV Advertising in 2024

Traditional TV viewership has undergone a significant transformation over the past decade. With the rise of streaming services, on-demand content, and personalized viewing experiences, the way people consume television has shifted dramatically. Yet, amidst this digital revolution, traditional TV continues to hold its ground in 2024, albeit with some notable changes. Here are the things to consider with Traditional TV …

tv advertising in 2023

Traditional TV Advertising in 2023 in a Streaming World

In 2023, traditional television advertising may still be viable for businesses looking to reach a wide audience. Before you say, “Robin, you’re wrong! Even my boomer parents cut the cord! Stick with me and hear me out…” While digital advertising has undoubtedly dominated the market in recent years, TV advertising in 2023 can still provide several benefits for those willing …

picture of luxury real estate marketing experts Robin and Danielle

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: sneak preview a TV commercial airing in Seahawks Game

Luxury Advertising Commercial Done Right Anyone catch our client’s debut on Monday Night Football last week? Gorgeous creative by Mark Parrott and the marketing team at Coldwell Banker Bain Global Luxury. Special kudos to Scott Hannaman for his artistic talent. Luxury real estate marketing is one of our favorite categories to work in! I still get giddy when I catch …

picture of how to advertise on cable tv

Does Cable TV Advertising Actually Work?

With so many media options, advertisers are more confused than ever about the options available in both traditional and digital advertising. As a niche advertising agency, our core offering is the service of media buying which means we professionally invest advertising budgets. Some of those advertising investments are made via cable TV advertising. Since our entire company’s purpose is to …

picture of media buyers in seattle

Here’s the Scoop on the Media We Buy Most

Much like you lean on the wisdom and experience of a trusted adviser to invest your personal money, working with our media buying team puts your advertising dollars in a powerful position. Thrive’s digital and traditional media buying services were created to bring you years of insider knowledge, through in-the-trenches experience in media sales. Uniquely positioned with “backstage pass” knowledge, …

is my phone listening to me

Is my phone listening to me?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without a smartphone – yes, we can hear you. (Is your phone listening to you?) All of us, all of you. Us… being “the advertisers” You know that detailed conversation you had with your friend over brunch? Sharing summer plans, upcoming vacations, and what’s not to miss in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? You …

How to Buy Traditional TV Advertising: Bypassing Time-Shifted Viewing

Have you seen Semiahmoo’s latest TV spot? Kids eat free! Check it out. Promocode: KOMOKIDS Think traditional media in 2017 doesn’t work? We’ve found that when it’s purchased correctly it can be wildly successful. How to bypass DVRs and time-shifted viewing? Pro Tip: Buy live TV news, sports or live events.

National Broadcast TV Advertising Campaign Advertising Clinical Trials

Hey Miami, Los Angeles & Tampa, We’re running a broadcast TV ad campaign spreading the word about a clinical research study for agitation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the spot here or catch it on your local stations.