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Here’s the Scoop on the Media We Buy Most

Much like you lean on the wisdom and experience of a trusted adviser to invest your personal money, working with our media buying team puts your advertising dollars in a powerful position. Thrive’s digital and traditional media buying services were created to bring you years of insider knowledge, through in-the-trenches experience in media sales. Uniquely positioned with “backstage pass” knowledge, …

Does Broadcast TV Advertising Work in 2020?

We recently posted a blog on Cable television advertising. To explain how Cable advertising works, we had to contrast it to Broadcast television advertising. As promised, this is the blog post that explains the value of Broadcast TV advertising, why an advertiser would use it in their media plan for 2020 and tips for how to buy Broadcast TV advertising. …

National Broadcast TV Advertising Campaign Advertising Clinical Trials

Hey Miami, Los Angeles & Tampa, We’re running a broadcast TV ad campaign spreading the word about a clinical research study for agitation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the spot here or catch it on your local stations. http://www.triadstudy.com/