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The very first marketing tactic you absolutely must have going at all times: Remarketing

First things first, Remarketing. So you want to start advertising your business, and there are more options than you can wrap your head around. Start with Remarketing. Remarketing is serving banner ads to people who visit your website after they leave. Remarketing, sometimes called Retargeting, is the lowest-hanging fruit in marketing. Do not miss that opportunity. Do you see that screenshot above with our Remarketing ads wallpapering their entire website? That’s an example of our Remarketing strategy for our company.

Remarketing builds a foundation for the next marketing steps.

Remarketing builds the foundation for the next step. The next step is using the data gathered from your Remarketing campaigns to start serving ads to prospective customers who behave similarly to your current customers. This advertising tactic is known as Prospecting. Prospecting serves ads to new people, who’ve never visited your website, but who behave like your current customers. We can reach these people through AI. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used to gather information on your site visitors through a pixel.

Remarketing and Prospecting execute through Programmatic technology. Programmatic Advertising is the practice of serving ads on sites all across the internet versus buying ads on a specific website. It’s valuable because you’re serving advertisements to the people who are more likely to buy your product rather than trying to figure out which sites your customers are visiting. We’ve written in-depth about Programmatic Advertising, and if you’d like to dive more in-depth check out our advanced blogs on the topic below.

Programmatic Advertising is a marketing technology that will set your business apart.

If you’d like to start with Programmatic Advertising, give us a call. Our minimum monthly ad spends for Programmatic Advertising is $5,000. It’s a great entry point for new advertisers to kick off their marketing plans. We recommend Programmatic to all of our clients, big and small, and it can be scaled to invest a much larger budget. We spend a great deal in Programmatic and have wild success stories to share with you if you’re interested. Keep in mind that any executed advertising strategy should never be implemented for less than 3-6 months. If you run ads for one month, it’s a waste of money. No one wants to waste money!

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