2022 advertising plans what types of advertising

2022 advertising tactics. So, what types of advertising do we do?

Today, I had lunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen for about 20 years. We started catching up, and she asked a great question that I realized isn’t addressed on our website. So I thought, hey, that’s a great blog post! What type of advertising do we do at Thrive? When it comes to 2022 advertising tactics, we do it all. We’ve probably done anything that you can think of in our 14+ years in business. But, what type of advertising we do for our 2022 media plans varies based on each unique client and is either traditional or digital advertising or a combination of both.

2022 advertising tactics

Traditional Advertising Buyers

Usually, people know what traditional advertising is because it’s intuitive. TV, Cable, Broadcast, Radio, print, and outdoor (buses and billboards). Traditional advertising has evolved a lot and is less of a focus for many advertisers. We have many sophisticated digital advertising tactics that we deploy in today’s complex advertising environment.

Digital Advertising Buyers

When we say Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising, we mean advertising online, on smartphones, tablets, devices, or smart TVs. We have a plethora of advanced 2022 advertising tactics, from Programmatic Advertising and Social Media advertising to OTT Advertising.

Programmatic Advertising is a fancy term for Artificial Intelligence-driven advertising using data and real-time bidding to serve ads to the most likely to convert prospect.

OTT Advertising is where you advertise to viewers watching streaming content. Streaming video advertising is video advertising done “Over the Top” of traditional TV systems like Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite.

We’ve written a lot of blogs about OTT Advertising and Programmatic Advertising. We also write about Digital Audio advertising done through fantastic Digital Radio platforms like Pandora, Spotify, and Podcast advertising.

We also buy Paid Social Media ads on all social media platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube ads and Paid Search ads are used often as well.

So, why aren’t you using a Media Buyer already?! Do you know what type of advertising to do?

So if you’re not using a Media Buyer, you should read more about our services and learn why you absolutely should not be going it alone. Our services are at no cost to you and save our customers significantly each year. Give us a call for a complimentary advertising audit if you’re interested in how we can become an advocate for you and an extension of your marketing team without the hiring costs!

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