2022 advertising plans what types of advertising

2022 advertising tactics. So, what types of advertising do we do?

Today, I had lunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen for about 20 years. We started catching up, and she asked a great question that I realized isn’t addressed on our website. So I thought, hey, that’s a great blog post! What type of advertising do we do at Thrive? When it comes to 2022 advertising tactics, we do …

picture of how to advertise on cable tv

Does Cable TV Advertising Actually Work?

With so many media options, advertisers are more confused than ever about the options available in both traditional and digital advertising. As a niche advertising agency, our core offering is the service of media buying which means we professionally invest advertising budgets. Some of those advertising investments are made via cable TV advertising. Since our entire company’s purpose is to …

How to Buy Traditional TV Advertising: Bypassing Time-Shifted Viewing

Have you seen Semiahmoo’s latest TV spot? Kids eat free! Check it out. Promocode: KOMOKIDS Think traditional media in 2017 doesn’t work? We’ve found that when it’s purchased correctly it can be wildly successful. How to bypass DVRs and time-shifted viewing? Pro Tip: Buy live TV news, sports or live events.

Cable Television Advertising

Over the past couple weeks you’ve likely seen ( if you are between the ages of 18-25) our client’s television ads on cable television. We bought the entire DMA from Comcast Cable TV Advertising as opposed to buying zoned cable areas because for this particular client the entire market is within their target marketing area. This television ad is coupled with an ad buy …