How to Buy Traditional TV Advertising: Bypassing Time-Shifted Viewing

Have you seen Semiahmoo’s latest TV spot? Kids eat free! Check it out. Promocode: KOMOKIDS Think traditional media in 2017 doesn’t work? We’ve found that when it’s purchased correctly it can be wildly successful. How to bypass DVRs and time-shifted viewing? Tip: Buy live TV news, sports or live events. Purchase television ads during programs that will be watched live.

National Broadcast TV Advertising Campaign Advertising Clinical Trials

Hey Miami, Los Angeles & Tampa, We’re running a broadcast TV ad campaign spreading the word about a clinical research study for agitation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the spot here or catch it on your local stations.

Seattle Advertising Agency

Not everyone can afford a big ad agency. “Big” often means matching big fees and retainers for services and more often than not, if you’re a small to medium size advertiser, you’ll be passed down to junior executives cutting their teeth with your brand and your media dollars!  Thrive believes that the all advertisers deserve big attention from a professional …

Spot Market TV Commercial – Seattle Market

Thought we’d share something we’ve been working on. We just placed a spot market buy in the Seattle Market (Nielsen Media Market DMA Rank #14) for USA Reading Clinics. Below is their spot which was produced by TVA Media Inc. Their TV messaging is mainly focused on reaching moms of children who are struggling with reading; and who have already …